Episode 1: Meet Austin!

Meet Austin Christopher Bradley. Austin is in the top 3% of millennial earners without a college degree. See how he did it so you can too!

Episode 2: Auditing your Environment

Environment = Your People, Places, and Things. Your environment is a reflection of your mind, and your mind is a reflection of your environment.

Episode 3: mastering your Mindset

Do you know the difference between your beliefs and your perspective? 

EPISODE 4: getting uncomfortable

Your most beautiful life lives on the other side of your greatest discomforts.

EPISODE 5: Asking for What You want

You rarely get what you didn't ask for.

EPISODE 6: Faking it

Sometimes being completely authentic isn't the right move.

Episode 7: How to become a startup star

Did you know I started my professional career as a party clown?  If you’re unhappy with where you’re at in your career, you could be what’s holding you back from advancement!

EPISODE 8: HOW TO "clean up" your mind

How much of who you are today is a reflection of what you never dealt with from your past?