Meet Austin

Looking at his life today you wouldn’t know that Austin had a traumatic childhood. You wouldn’t know that he was a solid C/D student his whole life. You wouldn’t know that he started drinking and using drugs in high school, and continued heavily using until his mid-twenties. You wouldn’t know that he dropped out of college and moved to NYC from the American south without a job or a plan.

Looking at Austin's life today you’d see a happy guy raising a dog in midtown Manhattan. The guy you see today is enthusiastically building a real estate tech company alongside brilliant and passionate women and men. The man he is today sees opportunity, latches on, and makes shit happen.

Through constant reassessment of his choices and iterations of his daily practices, Austin is now in the top 3% of millennial earners. He's also undergone a body transformation - losing 60 lbs of fat in 12 months. 

His goal is to be the go-to coach for men and woman trying to do big things with their lives. Austin will empower you to make magic. 

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